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One of my favorite places, Barcelona, in the rain.  I studied abroad there for the Fall 2014 semester and my parents visited over Thanksgiving — which turned out to be the rainiest time in the region in 40 years.


Welcome welcome welcome welcome!

Hi there — if you are reading this, you are witness to my joining the WordPress world.  I had the idea to create this blog when I was listening to music and I felt that I needed to tell someone about the song I was listening to.  However, whom could I tell?  My taste in music is like a flashlight when you play with a kitten — it darts all over the place.  Most of the time I like rock, but that is too broad and not at all descriptive of what bands I like.  Also, I am not immune to some good old Backstreet Boys.  I consider myself pretty knowledgable in the subject of music, having played in my school’s band(s) through high school and therefore having hung around with the musically-inclined kids, and also from being a groupie of one of the bands in my hometown.  However let me just say that if there ever was a cool group of high school band kids, I was part of it, ok?  I ran track and had other friends and was generally normal.  Ok??????

Anyway, I ran through a list of people in my head I could tell about this song: a sad, painful, but hopeful and really overall pleasant song that I just wanted someone else to know about and say “wow, that is good!”  Not to imply that this band has no following, but I don’t know where they all are!  My level of enthusiasm was a little high for how depressing of a song it is, too, so I felt weird specifically reaching out to someone to tell them.  I had no one.  I was all alone with the burden of needing to share this song with someone!  I’m also dramatic.

So clearly the next logical idea was to make a blog!  Blogs are trendy, like mason jars or SoulCycle.  Everyone’s doing it, why shouldn’t I!  After some thought, I realized I didn’t want to make it a blog solely about music, for two reasons.  First, despite my intense love and appreciation of music, I don’t consider myself an authority on the matter, and I didn’t want anyone to see through my lack of music theory study or something.  Second, I didn’t want to exclude other topics from what is fair game as blog-post material.  Music is great, but I have other thoughts, and I’d like to have to opportunity to share them!

Well, that’s what you are in for if you read this blog.  Music, my impending post-grad life, maybe some topical references, and whatever else I can think of by the end of this sentence… Okay, just “etc.”

Thanks for reading, and expect to hear from me soon!