One Good Thing

Sorry to lead my readers (reader?) astray, but contrary to my last post advertising a “part II” next, this is not that post.  I am just too inspired and can’t let what I presently have to say escape me!

Something I am hyper-aware of and constantly worried about is if I’m being lazy.  I really value being productive and active with my time and body, so I detest falling victim to laziness.  Let me rephrase that – LETTING myself fall victim to laziness; GIVING IN to laziness.  Because laziness is a choice.

I realized today that I haven’t been in a bad mood – “bad” encompassing all things anger-, stress-, sadness-related – in a long time. Weeks?  Months?  I don’t ever say “I had a bad day” because, well, I don’t.  Everyday has the potential to be great, and a great day can include badness.  Plus, they’re 24 hours long!  Maybe my life is too cushy, but barring tragic events, there isn’t anything that can destroy 24 hours.  Anyway, I realized I haven’t been in a bad mood in so long because I was in a bad mood.  I was stressed about this or that, really this AND that, and it all compounded and made me anxious, angry, and upset.

EVERYONE HAS THESE MOMENTS.  I cried and let myself cry, really leaned in there for a bit because it felt good, and I let myself mope for approximately three minutes.  And then I said “it’s going to be ok”.  Part of my brain had, in those three minutes of crying/moping, thought to say that already, but another part of my brain shut it down because it was too soon.  Clearly, from what I have laid out here, admitting it is going to be ok can take work.  Crying and moping and deciding that everything is the worst is, unfortunately, an easy thing for humans to do (I have no scientific data to support this, please just go with me).  It takes work to say actually, things will be ok, because I will work through this.

Following this moment, I thought again about everything I had to do that was weighing on me, and here’s where the title works in:  I decided to think about them one at a time, and just do one good thing.  Ok fine, I will call this two good things.  Because even though it is extremely minor, I don’t want to discount the influence this had on my day:  I changed into get-work-done clothes and most importantly put on sneakers.  This sounds silly, but when I have sneakers on I DO THINGS.  Sneakers are for doing.  My second good thing was I cleaned my room, like really went for it for an hour.  And these two good things, even really just the one, got the ball rolling and my day has been spectacular.  My room looks amazing, I did other house chores, I did yoga and found I can do a pose I never thought possible, I had a great lunch, and then when I saw a yet-uninhabited length of time in front of me, I decided to go for a walk.  But then I decided “well, why don’t I run?” and then “I can do a sprinting workout!”  And now I feel like a million bucks and am so excited for all the fun yet to be had this evening and tomorrow and my whole life.

My point is, if you are in a bad mood, even if it has been going on for a long time.  Hours.  Days.  Weeks.  The past year.  Realize that it’s not your fault, because like I said, admitting it will be ok takes work.  And I’m sure the amount of work required varies from person to person.  My disposition tends to be positive, even more so in the past couple of weeks since I have been exercising more.  That’s not to say I don’t have minutes of stress when I’m late to something, or the occasional disappointment in myself or something else!  However, I think everyone can say “it will be ok” and not give into the mope (or after giving into the mope).  You are stronger than you think!  Everyone can then go on to do their one good thing. Get the ball rolling.  Let saying “it will be ok” propel you to your one good thing and spiral into a day of good (great!) things.  You have one beautiful life, and it’s not too late to remember that!

Examples of one good thing:

  • Stepping outside (no matter what you have on this very minute).
  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror.
  • Wearing fun shoes/earrings/that shirt you never wear.
  • Putting on YOUR get-work-done clothes.
  • Calling a loved one and telling them how you feel.
  • Standing up.
  • Doing some squats.
  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Drinking a glass of water (we’re all dehydrated).
  • Making a sign to protest Donald Trump.  Truly invigorating.
  • Doing that one chore you hate doing.  You will feel so much better.


Have a great day!


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